The element Air versus Earth within me

Since 2 years I have been saying Yes to every new challenge coming my way. Ever since my life turned around 360 degrees and I am grateful for everything. In this blog I try to explain how a physical injury could be connected to blockages in our energy flow, and my personal experience. How it can affect our state of mind and how Yoga can help. Also new projects coming up!  

Since a few months I’ve been having a knee injury. Because of the pain in the knee I stopped working out for a while because it didn’t feel good to run, squat and lift.


Only after a few months of complaining I went to the physiotherapist. He found out that my left pelvic girdle is weakened. Because of this, slowly, the alignment in the righthand side of my body is off, my muscles are tight and my knee joint and foot hurts.

My physiotherapist helped me to loosen my back, knee and foot and he gave me stability/balance exercises. He made me go back to the gym to workout consciously, focussing on making the quads and the core stronger. The Personal Trainer in me strongly agrees with him.

The hip/pelvis issue is not something recent. I was born with a hip dysplasia which was noted when I was a baby. To treat that displacement of the hip joint I wore a pavlik harnas for a few months designed to correctly align the hip, and to keep the hip joint secure. There is medically nothing wrong with my hips. However, when I was in Bali for my Yoga Teacher Program in February 2018 for 5 weeks I had a lot of hip pain and issues, resulting in insecurity and mental stress during my stay.

Yoga helped me to understand how our energy flows and how that relates to our body. Here I was blaming the ‘stupid knee’, while the source of the pain was the pelvis. But was misalignment in the hip bone the actual source, or can we dig deeper?

How emotional and spiritual energy is connected to our bodies
There are studies showing the entire universe is made of energy. I believe we are connected to the universe because energy also flows through and within our bodies. These energy cycles in our bodies are connected to our physical, emotional and spiritual (in)balances in our lives, called Chakra’s, meaning Wheel in Sanskrit.


There are seven basic Chakra’s located from the root up along the spine to the crown of our head: Muladhara (located at the root of our spine), Swadisthana (sacral area), Manipura (solar plexus), Anahata (heart), Vishudda (throat), Ajna (third eye), Sahasrara (crown). Each and every one of them are connected to emotions and expressions.

Our Muladhara, Sanskrit word for Root Chakra, is the Chakra connected to our sence of security, financial independence, the feeling of groundedness and belonging. When you experience financial insecurity or housing issues, your energy might be blocked from flowing.

If there are imbalances in the root Chakra we may experience a sense of emptiness and a feeling of disconnection from loved ones and our daily life, depression, lack of energy and obsession with money. When the imbalance is close to the sacral Chakra Swadisthana, it can also cause sexual disorders.

With a combination of specific Yoga Asana’s (postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation we can improve our posture, open up the hip joints, stretch our muscles, balance the energy and calm the stressed mind.

Air versus Earth element within me
yoga poseEarth signs keep it real. They are the “grounded” people on the planet, the ones who bring us down to earth and remind us to start with a solid foundation. My birth sign is Virgo, which is related to the element earth, and I recognise my earth characteristics.

I’ve pretty much always been in search of stability. Giving up my fixed job, some of my friends and selling my house, in return for freedom; more positivity and new opportunities was a huge step for me. Let’s just say I went on a real adventure! For a while I’ve been connected to the Air element inside of me.

Lately, however, my earthness has been pulling me down from the clouds and wants me to find financial stability, a home to welcome my friends and family, start a family, and do something good for the community. ❤️ Feeling a lack of this groundedness makes me so lost, very insecure, disconnected from my loved ones, really obsessed with money and materialistic. Basically I was a pain in the but for my partner. You can ask him, it’s really true..

Love over Ego
Slowly the two of us have been taking steps towards a more stable, calm and happy live. That means finishing our school, looking for houses, and finding jobs that give financial stability. Don’t get me wrong: I will never go back to my old life, only forward! We are just conscious of the decisions we are taking, we still say Yes to new opportunities, we believe it’s important to keep breathing, listen to each other and we prioritise Love over the Ego.

Hopefully, taking these steps and getting back to the gym is gonna help me defeat the blockages in my body and we will come out stronger.

New projects 2019
In 2019 I am starting my own non-profit project to bring women together and empower each other. Let me know if you are interested to know more about this. Stay tuned!

Also I am part of the Limitless Movement team organising a Movement Retreat in South Africa from 6-13 January 2019. Over 30 Hours of training for the mind, body and soul by Yoga, strength & conditioning, meditation, movements, live sounds & music, beach & nature activities. During this retreat I teach Yoga and make sure your holiday is unforgettable. We’re staying in a private villa in the outdoors, on one hand looking out on the mountains and other hand looking out on the city of Cape Town. 🙏🏽
Interested? Early bird special €699 till 1 November. After €825. Check the full schedule and get your tickets here.

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Much ❤️ Lisette

Want to read more about energy and frequency? The last blog was about tuning into the frequency of love.

Want to learn more about the Chakra’s, blockages, symptoms and Chakra healing, the internet is full of it, but maybe check out this website.

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